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Postcards from the future

Dear me,

Do you remember the start to that long weekend a few years back? The one where at 7pm you were crossing the Pyrmont Bridge to meet some friends and witnessed hoards of shit-faced city slickers fog-horning mindless drivel and puking into the bins?

Do you remember thinking how ridiculous they looked and how you thought there was a brilliant opportunity to re-brand the culture around drinking alcohol and how we should be making it cool to be in control?

Well you should have done something about it!

All that brand work we used to have with beer, wine and spirit brands has vanished!

No more talk of provenance, crafting compelling stories and designing beautiful, captivating brands that truly resonated with discerning customers.

Instead my favourite pinot noir has a dirty great big sticker on the front showing me what my liver is going to look like if i drink too much. It looks exactly like the steak on my plate and it’s making me feel nauseous .

And this is what it’s come to. The powers that be deciding that we are too neaderthal to make sensible decisions about our consumption and making sure that we are constantly reminded of the consequences if we drink too much.

So was this a case of a few spoiling it for the masses? Or was the problem more widespread than we thought? Well, it was probably the latter. We have hundreds of words for being drunk (yep i’ve been counting them). Hundreds! And because so many of us kept puking in bins, fighting and driving under the influence big brother has stepped in.

So no more brand crafting for us because plain packaging is now ‘the law’.

I just wish you’d got off your arse, taken some initiative and tried to re-brand our relationship with alcohol. After all the branding advertising community have the means and the might…right?