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Sometimes you just have to escape the office and do something different. And so it seemed a little odd that last Friday we escaped the office only to be locked up in a dark, smokey cage with the mission to defy the clock and break out of our cells within 60 minutes!

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Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of ‘ready to drink’ rum

Exciting news for the rum drinkers out there!

The Breakfast Creek Hotel in Queensland, arguably one of Australia’s most iconic watering holes, is home to one of the biggest rum bars in the world, Substation no.41.  Housed in a renovated electricity substation building on the Breakfast Creek Hotel, the bar recently commissioned it’s own bespoke rum brand named, you’ve guessed it, Substation no.41!

To compliment the recent launch of the rum, 12below has designed a selection of  ‘ready to drink’ Substation no.41 rum mixers which will be coming to a bottle shop near you very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and give them a shot!