People often ask why we called our company 12below...

“We spent our early years passionate about water sports yet living in a cold climate. We used to say that if the air temperature was below 12 degrees you’re better off at work than on the water.

But over the years we realised how important the non-working part of our lives was to the work we produced. Our passion for wind and waves, diversity of experiences, adventures and the meeting of interesting minds inspired creative thought. It gave us direction and purpose.

We started 12below to convert that inspiration into original, meaningful work. To establish a team that could build tomorrow’s ‘best’ brands. And we’ve learnt that with just the right mix of characters, we can create the magic our clients deserve”.

Scott & Jon

12below launched as a specialist brand agency in 2011 and has grown to become a leading authority on brand creation, transformation and activation in Australia and beyond.


Be better

Our purpose and our challenge to both you and ourselves.

We apply our expertise to build brands that we believe can make a positive difference to people and planet.

In doing so we have the power to lead people to the best products and services, help inform better decisions or even inspire people to rally behind a collective cause.

We want to promote authenticity, originality and create, transform and activate brands that connect people to tomorrow’s most inspiring organisations.

Keeping us on track are our four guiding principles:

1. Can:do

Attitude is everything! We trust in our experience, believe in our potential and have the courage to bring the big ideas to life.

2. Be the best at what we do

To be the best we have to continually improve, innovate and lead the way. We have to recognise and capitalise on opportunities, work quickly, intelligently and proactively.

3. Be yourself

‘We’ are the only truly authentic point of difference. We champion each others strengths, build productive partnerships and exude positive energy.

4. Play to win

At the end of the day we have to achieve results. We aim to make every minute, every hour and every day count. We back ourselves and take responsibility for the outcomes.